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Self-Isolate at the Ridge!


With the world changing rapidly around us, space is now precious and we have 133 acres of it.

We're offering 'The Barn' and 'The Lodge' give a unique self-isolating experience where you would have entire access  for your entire stay.

With all this space and fresh air available, you and your loved ones, your kids, and/or your nearest and dearest will feel safe and clean for as long as you need. Our standard rates apply, however discounts are offered for stays longer than 7 nights.







Guests MUST NOT be self-isolating with Covid-19.

'The Barn' and 'The Lodge' are meticulously cleaned and sanitised after each booking

Applies to bookings made directly via our website only.

Standard public holidays, school holidays or special event rates apply as normal.

House Rules to be adhered to.

Guest is responsible for their own food.


"I can't tell you how much we all needed this as a family. It was lovely to reconnect with my kids and actually have some meaningful conversations"

The Batley Family - Sydney

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